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    1. I am a professor &Hod (Electrical, Electronic Engineer) who has published papers on
      *Waste to energy*. Hyderabad is going for 50 MW power generation from
      I am a retired power generation Engineer. for Thermal Power.
      now working on msw/garbage to electricity through RDF fuel and thermal root
      kirankumar jain
      prof&Hod EEE dept
      91 93921 84 193 (India) 91 40 40206076

    2. Good Day Bro .. your new website looks great. Also I am speaking at a gathering of the “Green New Deal” in San Rafael on Friday evening .. I would like to print out your letter to the Editor of Sci Am … do I have your permission?

      Good Outcome at Sonoma Supes last night!

      I am trying to rid myself of wasted efforts — thinking about resigning from Marin LTF — it just too hopeless.

      Take care and best to you

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    4. To Kiran Kumar:
      I am sorry to hear that Hyderabad has drunk the garbage koolaid. Garbage is not a resource, to be exploited. It is merely the external manifestation of a broken system. Garbage needs to be completely eliminated, not used in any way. By investing in this kind of electrical generation, Hyderabad is committing itself to encourage garbage generation for decades more than it has to. When the civilized world is eliminating garbage creation, Hyderabad will find it has an incentive to get its citizens to continue creating it. This is a backward looking, deplorable policy.

      I wish that you were using your knowledge to create solar thermal systems instead.

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    6. “Give Your Stuff Away Day” – the World’s Largest Giveaway

      A bright red toaster appeared in my house recently, a new purchase. I have no problem with the red toaster – it’s the old one that irks me. It’s stored on a shelf, taking up space.

      Our toasting needs are clearly met by the new model, yet we clutter our home with the old one. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone magically knocked on our door, asking “Got any old toasters?”

      We also own other stuff we never use – clothes that don’t fit, out of style shoes, books already read, prom dresses, unused coats, CD’s, and other household items.

      No big deal, but multiply this stuff by America and we’re talking millions of items, worth billions, just wasting away.

      Wouldn’t it be cool if we could magically shift ownership of all this stuff, in one weekend, all over America, with close to zero effort, at no cost?

      Cool happens all over America (and beyond) on May 15, 2010. It’s called Give Your Stuff Away Day and it will work (almost) like magic, as long as you help promote the idea and follow procedures about acceptable / prohibited items.

      Here are the details – on May 15, we bring to our curbs, items of value we no longer want. No trash, no recyclables, no illegal or dangerous items, no food, drugs, chemicals, or weapons of any kind. Just safe, solid, valuable items we would like to donate to others. At the same time, millions of people will be driving, riding, or walking around picking up free items. Instantly, the world’s largest giveaway – very cool.

      You’ll feel good because you uncluttered a bit and helped a neighbor. Others will be happy obtaining some free items. Landfills will shrink a bit and the economy will spark up a tiny bit.

      It’s not really magic – there will be a bit of a mess in some neighborhoods for awhile. And in the short run, refuse hauling expenses will increase (but will shrink in the long run). We’ll also experience some additional traffic. Think of Christmas – a wonderful time of year, but messy.

      Speaking of special days, Give Your Stuff Away Day is similar to Halloween. Lots of people participating in small ways to help lots of others. Many logistics to manage in a small amount of time, but because we’re all aware of it, and because we recognize its value, it goes off without a hitch.

      Give Your Stuff Away Day is not a government program. Let’s keep it citizen-based, and let the government solve bigger problems.

      But let’s also be responsible by:
      • informing our local municipalities of our intent to participate
      • asking local governments for a waiver to ordinances that might prohibit this activity
      • placing at our curbs only items that others could use
      • retrieving items not picked up within a couple of days

      Want to help?
      • Forward this email to family and friends
      • Write a small article or letter to the editor
      • Contact your local government and let them know you want to participate
      • Help sponsor Give Your Stuff Away Day

      Have fun on May 15th, and stop by if you need a toaster.


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    16. Solar panels, in my eyes, are one of the best investments a home owner could make due to them lasting for many years and producing energy for as long as they last. The price of electricity will only go up so solar panels will only become a better investment.

      I think you are basically right, but I urge people not to get stars in their eyes about free energy. Solar panels are industrial products, made in a factory using much energy and many special raw materials besides silicon. The same insane concepts of waste and disposal that permeate our society apply to the thinking of the people in charge. There is the same need to apply Zero Waste thinking to the design of solar panels as for any other product and production method. Quick obsolescence followed by easy discard must not be the norm in this field.

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      The ideas and approaches of Zero Waste are needed as much in Germany as anywhere else. While Germany has instituted return of large packaging, there are better ways to redesign all the rest of the waste-making establishment also. What happens to the contents of the boxes while the boxes are being reused? Let’s work internationally to apply ZW thinking to all societies.

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