Plastic Nanoparticles

In the new millenium, there has now been enough time for plastics in our environment to start seriously breaking down into tiny particles and scientists have learned that they are everywhere. They occupy our bodies in every organ. We don’t know if these nano- and micro- particles have any physiological effects. We know they can hold organic molecules on their surfaces. I expect all kinds of articles to be showing up about all the kinds of harms that will be discovered.

Here is an article about plastic particles in human placentas. There will be more.

Note that there is no solution to the problem even hinted at. Of course not! Plastic waste is taken for granted! Zero Waste Theory could go so far into a solution, but we are not allowed to change industrial designs. Instead we have to allow all the plastic waste to accumulate, then try, laughably, to recycle it. Zero Waste Theory would eliminate most of the wasting. It might not solve the nano-particle problem, but getting rid of all the waste lying around everywhere would be a major start.